This year, Christmas will be quite different. Gatherings cannot happen the way they used to, and neither can events and community celebrations. Some families might want to celebrate virtually, some might opt to mail gifts. I miss the Christmas decorations, family gatherings and exchanging of gifts, scrumptious and mouthwatering food, and sharing the Christmas spirit with those around us.

But this doesn’t make Christmas any less fun! In my mind, Christmas is all about the spirit; knowing the purpose and sharing the love. Those who usually go to church can tune in virtually and those who do family gatherings can video chat. It’s always amazing to feel the presence of your loved ones, but we can still do that, we just have to be a bit flexible. While we cannot meet and celebrate together in person, we can still share the holiday spirit.

In South Africa, our Christmas celebrations look different from the ones in Anacortes, but they are the same when it comes to compassion. We are far apart in distance, but our compassion will bring us together. Even across borders and oceans, we can feel the love and spirit. And though we are not near each other, I like to think we are closer than ever. Together, we can rejoice.

Mapula Mmatli

Mapula Mmatli

I love writing, acting, and public speaking Kind and friendly to all :)

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