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  • Thoughts
    My thoughts are there. They demand to be said. So I open my mouth to speak– I squeak. As they slip past my tongue where they jumble. I stumble. over one, word into another. Again and, again, I bumble I fumble control crumbling till I– tumble. I swear it was there in my head. So […]
  • The Black Mail Box
    Everyday I walk onto the dirty grey sidewalk. The rain clouds greyer than the walkway but lighter than my heart, The raindrops fall as clear as day and The black box stands only five feet away. As I get closer the voices get louder Back to black swirling around me in darkness. Three feet away […]
  • Stay or Go
    I know I want to leave To escape from this place, this life, this stagnation I need to go, to learn, to find something new, something beautiful Yet I am afraid. I hate this place, some days This town, these people Being here makes me angry, always and I know I can’t stay. I must […]
  • To Kill a Star
    The stars are fading now hidden obscured by smog and light and life They’re there still, I know You can’t kill a star. You can kill everything else, though and you’re trying The sea, the sky, the earth all dying through your thoughtlessness, your ignorance, your greed Through our selfishness, our inaction, our despair We […]
  • Happier With My Eyes Closed
    I sit and watch out the window I wonder when it’s my time to go What is the situation It magnifies my frustration If I lived in color I’d never have to wonder Why my colors are monochrome What color is the snow? Black like my soul? White like the nonexistent Or gray like the […]
  • Dad’s Not Here
    Doll Floor Walls Door Mom is talking Talking about Dad Dad is where? I don’t know. Crayons on paper Paper on desk Desk by window Light is bright I’m bored. Where is Dad? Dad’s not here So he is where? Brick school Class room Teacher School Bell It’s been a while, And Dad’s nowhere Where […]
  • When a Grown Man Cries
    When a grown man cries A single tear will fall Men think when Displaying emotions you are destined to fall A tear in eye A hand on face A smile in a frown The wrinkles out of place He dislikes vulnerability Never would he speak Knowing he was in the proximity Of the people who […]
  • Where The Sun Don’t Shine
    Where the sun don’t shine When the time is no longer mine The frogs won’t croak And the trees won’t sway We take it day by day Where I can not be certain I just have concern The children have seen it but do not yet know it Unlike them I can not relearn it […]

New From Rhianon’s Book Nook

  • Interview with Olivia from book_geek15- Book Nook #6
    On 03/29/2022 I got an opportunity to interview Olivia from the bookstagram book_geek15. The questions are all about her bookstagram and books and I really hope you enjoy. What was your process of starting your bookstagram? Olivia’s response: I started off in 2017 with only the barest idea of how to start, let alone run, […]
  • Interview with Alex from Littlebookqueen- Book Nook #5 
    On February 9th I got to interview Alex from her bookstagram(book instagram if you don’t know) I gave her a few questions to answer about her Instagram and other book related questions, so here are her responses. I hope you enjoy, I rather enjoyed getting to interact with her and get her perspective. How/when did you […]
  • Book Nook #4: Interview with Audioshelf
    On January 16th I got to interview Brad and Britney from the bookish podcast Audioshelf, which is a podcast that listens to audiobooks and reviews them. They also talk about popular book tropes, interview authors, and play fun bookish games.   How did you guys start your podcast? We are Brad and Britney from AudioShelf! […]


Art Recap

So… My art style has improved a lot over the summer, so with some help choosing some favorites, have some newer drawings! (two of them are from something I got…

The Titans

Hello! I am Violet, a 9th grader as of writing this, an artist and a fan of fantasy and other nerdy things. I will try and post galleries ever so…

A Season in Review #2-Basketball

The AHS basketball season was amazing to watch! It is my favorite sport to watch and photograph because I know the sport well so I know what happens next so…

Student Life

A Caged Eagle

A free eagle lifts the sky On a current of bliss Light feet that float To a world we miss. A caged eagle sits In a corner of hope…

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