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1877.  Not Eighteen-Seventy-Seven, not one thousand eight hundred seventy-seven, not the rose house on the corner.  1877. As in one-eight-seven-seven. […]


Orange the color of desert sand Orange the color of rust in the land The color of treasure in the […]


The American Dream

Children playing in a well-groomed yard with grass as green as a clover. A dog racing around the perimeter of the perfectly painted white fence. Dad […]


The Final Stretch

With an excellent record of 7-1 (7 wins, 1 loss), the Anacortes Seahawks have proved their worth with a fantastic […]

A Sports Column Debut

Hello Fellow Students and Journal Readers!     The following letter regards information pertaining to the new AHS Sports articles coming […]

Home Away from Home

With the AHS gym in remodel mode this season, the Seahawk boys basketball team is playing their home games at […]

Student Life

2021 Hoco Reflections

Students reflect on a new style of AHS Homecoming in this extended edit produced by The Rock reporters Tenzin Stewart […]

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Renae by Kaylin R. Frost The story of Anxiety and Depression. Based on a true story. Author Note: Some of […]


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