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  • Skyfall
    POV: You wake up after laying in a meadow of some unique flowers you’ve never seen or heard of before. You see the sun shining in your eyes and the clouds look like they’re floating as you then feel a light but swiftly cooling breeze. Your vision is very hazy in time but when it […]
  • A Mermaid’s Tale
    My Jolly Sailor Bold By: Ashley Serena (Part of the Pirates of the Caribbean: Stranger Tides Soundtrack) Upon one summer’s morning, I carefully did strayDown by the Walls of Wapping, where I met a sailor gayConversing with a bouncing lass, who seemed to be in painSaying William, when you go, I fear you will never […]
  • A Giants Virtue (Sneakpeek)
  • The Siren Queen
    Created By: Anonymous Pirate Crew.  Beat: Dun dun dun dun du-duna-dun dun dun dun da duda-dun (repeatedly same beat) *Crew starts singing this when they are doing preparation to set off to sea.* (Intro) First Mate: Yo Ho Ho!    (Verse One: Sang by First Mate) There once was a queen named Severina but she wasn’t […]
  • The Crashing
    She’s holding him close, his motorcycle nearby. Finally, lets go.
  • Yellow- Color Series #3
    Yellow Yellow is the color of happiness Yellow is the color of being with your friends The color of a princess dress  The color of a lovely mess Yellow is the color of the table already set Yellow is the color of the beach towel on the ground The color of a frown upside down […]
  • Ghost King
    By Kaylin Frost “Hey!” Jason Grace called out. Nico Di Angelo looked over his shoulder and smiled. “Jason!” He called out, raising his hand. The son of Jupiter jogged over. “How’s it hanging?” Nico called out. No response. “Hey you!” A voice behind him called out. Nico turned around to see Piper McLean, daughter of […]
  • The Mask of Deception
    I wear a mask Putting it on is no easy task It hides my emotions and my fears  My anger and my tears  This is my mask of deception It means that I’m a fake  It takes me to a world where I can pretend everything is alright My mask is strong, it’s unlikely that […]

New From Rhianon’s Book Nook

  • Interview with Olivia from book_geek15- Book Nook #6
    On 03/29/2022 I got an opportunity to interview Olivia from the bookstagram book_geek15. The questions are all about her bookstagram and books and I really hope you enjoy. What was your process of starting your bookstagram? Olivia’s response: I started off in 2017 with only the barest idea of how to start, let alone run, […]
  • Interview with Alex from Littlebookqueen- Book Nook #5 
    On February 9th I got to interview Alex from her bookstagram(book instagram if you don’t know) I gave her a few questions to answer about her Instagram and other book related questions, so here are her responses. I hope you enjoy, I rather enjoyed getting to interact with her and get her perspective. How/when did you […]
  • Book Nook #4: Interview with Audioshelf
    On January 16th I got to interview Brad and Britney from the bookish podcast Audioshelf, which is a podcast that listens to audiobooks and reviews them. They also talk about popular book tropes, interview authors, and play fun bookish games.   How did you guys start your podcast? We are Brad and Britney from AudioShelf! […]


A Season in Review #2-Basketball

The AHS basketball season was amazing to watch! It is my favorite sport to watch and photograph because I know the sport well so I know what happens next so […]

A Season In Review #1

  Football season was fun to watch! It was so cool to have sports back after the drought of not having them. For the longest time, something I am the […]

Seahawk Poster Shots!

When we were planning the initial stages of how to boost our media presence across the school, we decided we needed something bold and big and unforseen. The normal, lacklustre […]

Student Life

Spirit Week of 3/14-18/22

September was the month to get a feel for the school, the people, and the classes. October was for Homecoming, November for conferences. December was our major break, January […]

America From a Different Perspective

Here at Anacortes high, we have quite some diversity, and that diversity includes our one foreign exchange student from Indonesia, Felicia Aldiyani. She agreed to share her perspective by […]

Leadership from Connor’s Corner

Have you ever wondered why the Nobel prize winners won the prize? Martin Luther King Jr., Theodore Roosevelt, Nelson Mandela, and Barack Obama are some instances of those people […]

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