4 thoughts on “Losing to Learn

  1. I agree that there has to be a healthy balance between winning and losing. I know it’s kind of opposite to what this article is about, but i know a person who claims to lose about 99% of the time. Sure they cherishes the wins, but they feel like a failure most of the time. I’ve even heard them say to themselves that they’d failed everyone just because they lost something. I hope one day this person can find a balance between winning and losing someday.

    1. I hope the same thing! In addition to not letting kids win every time, (so that they develop the right skills and sportsmanship) I feel like it is too much to let them lose every time, and especially to ridicule them when they lose, because then their self-esteem will be shattered, just like the person you are speaking about. I hope this person can realize they aren’t a failure!

  2. Wow, this is very well written. You’re such a good writer! My football coach always says that we are “Winning and we are learning!”. Again, well done!

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