Head coach Brett Senff encourages team to keep working hard

Written by Lindsey South

LYNDEN, Wa – A few weeks ago, the undefeated Anacortes High School boys basketball team challenged Lynden Christian, also an undefeated team. It was a tough fight that left the Anacortes boys with their first season loss.  

The battle on Friday night was one that kept spectators on the edge of their seat. Anacortes’s Trystan Lowry said, “Our coach told us to treat it as a playoff game or state championship game so I think there was a little more focus.”  The Lyncs were definitely on top of their three point shots as Anacortes struggled to keep up. Anacortes trailed closely behind the entire game but were struggling to pull ahead. Anacortes’s Payton Beaner added, “They were known for defense as well as we are and that’s what they key on”.  Lowry also added, “They’re a pretty big team as well.” Beaner said he learned, “The balls not always gonna go in the hoop, you just gotta work hard and hopefully it will work out.”

Lynden Christian pulled the win out with an overall score of 65-57 bringing their record to 13-0 and leaving Anacortes at 12-1. Sadly, Anacortes will not get a rematch against the LCHS boys, seeing as they’re a 1A school, whereas Anacortes is 2A. Thus, this means the Lyncs will not be present at the 2A District 1 championships. Anacortes district records now lay at 5-1. Their next game will be on the 16th against Blaine.


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