ANACORTES – It was a warm and windy Friday night as the sun set over Rice field. The Anacortes Homecoming game was in full swing, and school spirit was abundant. However, the night would end up with the Cedarcrest Red Wolves shutting out the Seahawks with a score of 0 to 14.

The Wolves scored early in the first and second quarters, putting up one touchdown in each. However, it wasn’t without a strong fight. 

The Seahawks began to pick up steam at the end of the first half, almost scoring in the final seconds with a missed field goal attempt. Anacortes stood their ground in the second half, not allowing any more points to be scored on them, as well as snagging two interceptions.

“We stayed together as a team,” said Jr.  Cameron Rice. “Even through some missed opportunities, we stayed pretty positive throughout the game.”

Jr. Trevor Beaner led the Seahawks in rushing yards with 73 total. Both sides relied heavily on their running game.

“They had a couple good runs in the first half but we kept them from scoring again, so It’s good to see we’re improving” Rice stated.

Cedarcrest, along with Archbishop Murphy, is a new addition to the Northwest Conference. Last February, the league split into two tiers for regular season conference play, with tier one being of a higher caliber. This split was intended to level the playing field and put opponents on equal ground, after last years Archbishop’s team scored a total of 520 points to their opponents 154 points.

With their fifth loss of the season, the Seahawks have yet to win a game this year. With the loss of this game, they’ve been taken out of consideration for the losers bracket come playoff time as well. However, the Seahawks season isn’t finished yet. They play Bellingham on the October 5th and the next home game is against Blaine on October 19th.


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  1. I believe that we’ll win at least 1 game, and even if we don’t the seahawk spirit still lives on within all of us

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