A simple word


A happy word? 

It must be.

Then why does it cause so much pain?

A word that carries weight

That some must slowly build up the strength to lift

Then there are those who lift it easily 

As if it is a glass from which to drink

Only to place it back down momentarily 

A word of romance, commitment, devotion?

Or of friendship, understanding, and connection?

I tell you I love you

I tell you every day

As my closest friend this just makes sense

Of course I do!

That’s what this feeling is 

I would do so much for you

To make you happy

Of course I care about you in this way

I do with all my closest friends

And besides you love to hear me say it

But then you say those same three words back

From you it means something completely new

Something that I did not expect

Something that stabs at my heart like a dagger

There is so much pain in this single moment

Because I know what comes next

I can see the bridge between us crumble before me

Because of this word

This word

This is not a simple word

This is not a happy word

This word is a weapon

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