Sometimes I hear a noise

A painful agonizing noise

It keeps me up at night

What exactly is this noise, you may ask?

Well to be quite honest, I don’t know

I don’t know where it comes from

Or why it’s there

It’s just there 

But I do know that it is very obnoxious

It sounds like a school bell 

Stuck at one pitch 

A high, high pitch 

I feel as if it screams at me

It rings and rings 

Rings in your ears

It seems as if it only bothers me 

Some hear this noise 

Some people never will

For some people it never stops

For some people it’s only there once in awhile

And as for me well, it never leaves me alone

Some days it is quieter 

Some days it is all I hear

Just leave me alone, terrible noise

Let me once hear what quiet sounds like…

This noise makes your head spin 

You just want to lay down and disappear

That awful noise…

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