In a world where everything seems to go wrong

A virus outbreak

Millions dead

Schools shut down

Businesses and workplaces barely surviving

Stuck in a house all the time

Health plummeting

Mentaly struggling 

Physically needing work also

And where are we?

Are we all struggling?

Stuck in this nightmare of a reality 

What can we do?

Go outside and take a walk maybe,

But that won’t change what is happening

Go to the store?

Get lectured by people for not wearing your mask correctly?

Or maybe your the one lecturing

Everything is so strange 

Almost a year has passed and what has been accomplished?

Gaining weight maybe

I look forward to the time when this will all be over 

When I can go see my friends 

Not having to wonder if it is safe to shake someone’s hand

I look forward to seeing a movie in the theater 

The amazing smell of the popcorn

I can almost smell it

But I can’t 

I simply can’t 

And neither can you

We can’t do these things we simply wish we could do 

We could riot and protest 

But what good would that do?

The only thing I look forward to these days is the sun

The sun is something no matter how crazy the world is around me

Always comes back

It goes away

But always returns

That is something that i look forward to

Because it is something that i can rely on that will never be taken away from me

The sun brings joy to all 

You see during these times you can cry and pout

Or you can find something that can’t be taken away and be grateful and happy

I choose the sun

What can’t be taken from you?

What will you choose to be happy about?

I choose the sun, because 

I choose to be happy

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