Please note: this is a work of fiction. It has been crafted by the author and is not a direct opinion from AHS.

Dearest Princess,

I know I have been gone for many, many years. I don’t expect you to want to hear from me at all, quite frankly. When I found out you’d been looking for me after all this time, I knew I had to tell you the only reason I would ever leave you, for any amount of time…

Your father would not accept a poor woman’s wages for his daughter, as I am sure you are aware. A princess, he called you, and I can’t say I disagree. Though we meant it in different ways, most likely. I know wealth does not bother you, but I did not want to make a life with you without the promise of something more than love provided.

So I have been working. Hard. I was a sailor, a welder, a knight… most things you can imagine. I’ve slept under the stars countless nights, trying to trace the lines between them and make out the shape of you. Trying not to lose that face I love so much. Your eyes, your lips, your smile with the wrinkles of every giggle or grin of the past. I refused to contact you until I could produce that smile every day, instead of the tears of hunger or the pale face of a winter far too cold for someone like you. 

I am not a rich woman, nor will I ever be, but I have enough. We can get ourselves a beautiful little cottage, with hounds and rabbits and chickens. You can plant your flowers there. We can get rings made, ones with the pattern of those daisies you love so very much. With a stone, should you want one. 

Your father has given me your current address. Meet me there on the fifth of June, should you be interested in pursuing the rest of our lives.

Ever yours,

a lovestruck pauper

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