With an excellent record of 7-1 (7 wins, 1 loss), the Anacortes Seahawks have proved their worth with a fantastic fall season. Both JV (6-2 record) and Varisity have played their hearts out this year and are hoping to put a solid cap on this season in their Friday game. We interviewed some of these great players to see exactly what happened behind the scenes, both on a personal level and as a team. 

    Noah Hunter, who’s been in the program for 3 years, is a senior this year. As a member of team, we wanted some of his thoughts on how our Seahawks have grown and learned over these past weeks: “Since the beginning of the season, we have come together more as a team. We have good chemistry and play well together. I love this team because of the people on it. They make the sport much more enjoyable.”

    Chase Mole, who’s been with the team for 2 years, also had some thoughts to share: “I see this program making a big step forward. We have a lot of great guys up and coming and we are creating a weight room culture.”

    It seems as though our Seahawk team is not only playing well, but also making leaps off field as far as bonding and chemistry. The key ingredient with a team full of talented athletes is connection. A healthy and open atmosphere will not only keep the players working as a unit, but will also help them in the future as the program evolves and grows.

    Jake Schuh, who’s a Senior running back this year, has made impressive progress throughout his 4 year run with the team, and is now one of the star players. We’ll definitely be keeping an eye on him in Friday’s game. His look into the team is nothing short of inspirational… “The friendships and memories that you make through football are unmatched. There is a spot here for anyone who wants to play football and be a part of a great program. I believe that the team will continue to perform at a high level for the remainder of the season and years to come.”

    With Friday’s game being the last home performance (not to mention our Homecoming game), the energy going in is raw and fierce. Each and every player on our Seahawk team is bound to have their moment (and maybe even several), and it will certainly be one heck of a game to see. Even if you can’t make it in-person, be sure to check out the livestream on AHS Live! This won’t be one you want to miss.

Good luck and let’s go Seahawks!!

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