Starting in the new year, Rhiannon Philips, one of our prominent writers here at the Seahawk, will be producing quality content that relates to the YA book world. Topics will range from her own book recommendations to other topics involving literature such as author interviews and writing process articles. She is a bonafide bookworm and wants to put her opinion out for people in our community to read and draw attention to certain aspects of literature coming out today. 

She even has her own Instagram account that covers all things books-related. And is primarily in the YA genre, which should pertain to our readers at large!

Be watching out for her pieces! Two interviews will be hitting the stream soon, with writer Kelly Coon, of the Gravemaiden’s duology and New York Times bestselling author Shelby Mahurin!

Brady Graham

Chief Editor An avid lover of Anacortes History and community. Happy to talk Seahawk Journal with anyone interested in this community.

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