The golden reflection if the sun off a
gently flowing book which shines and ripples
as it trips and falls over little pebbles.
The water is as clear as crystal with a
shimmering surface like silver.

The fresh blades of grass
tenderly swaying in the light breeze
against dandelions upon a field of beauty.
The lonely tree stands upon the great plain
Old and crooked yet wise like an elder.

The chirping of the young bluebirds
in a small nest of twigs perched on a snow capped mountain
during the white of winter.
The snow sprinkles from the sky
Drizzling it’s surroundings with its merciful touch.

The rough patterns of tree bark
as it twists and winds up the trunk into the canopy.
Small forest critters keep shelter
in the labyrinth of twigs and branches.

The puffy white clouds
which reside in the blue abyss of the atmosphere
move gently in the winds of the sky.
A rainbow with all existing colors
Spreads its wings and stretches across the sky
To paint a painting of enchantment.

The soul of the sun beams light upon the Earth
which provides light to the life of nature.
It provides warmth and the knowledge
That a beautiful day is promised by the goddess
That is mother nature.

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