I wear a mask

Putting it on is no easy task

It hides my emotions and my fears 

My anger and my tears 

This is my mask of deception

It means that I’m a fake 

It takes me to a world where I can pretend everything is alright

My mask is strong, it’s unlikely that it’ll break

It causes me to see the world through a lens

It causes me to be dishonest with my friends

The mask helps me lie 

About what I’m feeling deep down inside

This is my mask of deception 

Or so it seems to be 

Maybe it’s my source of comfort 

Or maybe it’s keeping me from being free

It lies and tells people I’m okay

It hides my feelings far far away

My feelings aren’t gone

You just can’t see them when my mask is on

This is my mask of deception

It deceives you to believe I’m something I’m not

What is it like without the mask?

I forgot

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