On February 9th I got to interview Alex from her bookstagram(book instagram if you don’t know) I gave her a few questions to answer about her Instagram and other book related questions, so here are her responses. I hope you enjoy, I rather enjoyed getting to interact with her and get her perspective.

How/when did you start your bookstagram?  Back in 2017 I randomly stumbled across some bookish pictures on Instagram and decided I was going to start a book blog/bookstagram but I quickly got tired of the separate blog aspect and just focused on bookstagram.

What is one book you could recommend to people that want to get into reading? If we’re talking about a younger audience I will always recommend Tamora Pierce and Nicki Pau Preto. For older audiences The Daevabad trilogy or A Darker Shade of Magic.

Is there a character that you can relate to? Oh man, I always struggle with this but I think the character I most relate to would probably be Sparrow from Crown of Feathers because even though she’s kind of a loner she can get along with pretty much anyone but chooses to spend most of her time with animals. 

What is it like running a bookstagram? It’s something I really enjoy. I’m always excited to share new posts with people and talk about books. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Is there an author that you would like to meet? So many but, my number one bucket list author to meet is Nicki Pau Preto (IRL 😂) and of course Zachary James.

When did you decide that you wanted to make customizations to books? I adore sprayed edges that you see in book boxes and was constantly thinking of other books that would be great options for sprayed or painted pages and one day was just like “I’m going to try doing it myself” and needless to say if there’s ever a book I want to have customized I know I can pretty much do it myself.

I always enjoy hearing from people who are passionate about books and everything book-related, and as ever this was a fun book nook post to create. If you want to, follow Alex @littlebookqueen to follow along with her posts.


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