The AHS basketball season was amazing to watch! It is my favorite sport to watch and photograph because I know the sport well so I know what happens next so I can get the best action shots.

It was unique again because of COVID. We got shutdown for two weeks in the middle of the season; with no spectators allowed it was so weird taking pictures and having no fans screaming or loud music. It was, however, a little bit nice because I did have more room to move around and not have to get in people’s way or dodge them.

I think my fondest memory of taking pictures of the basketball season was at the away games when my dad and I drove down. I will never forget them because I loved spending time with my dad. I also enjoyed being able to be there for the team and being a part of the action away from home. In addition, I liked all the new friends I made through the season and working with other teams, not just Anacortes.

Here are a few of the shots that I took it is of course not all of them but I hope you enjoy them!

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