Ah yes, April. You know what they say, 

April showers bring May flowers!

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard that. But anyways, don’t be so glum when we have spirit week! Yep, from April 18 to the 22, AHS will be decked out in various outfits. 

Monday, April 18, 2022: Middle School Throwback!

What is Middle School Throwback anyways? (Don’t worry, I did some research as well. . .and came to nothing, just like you.) Middle School Throwback is dressing what went down with the sense of style that is middle schoolers. . .wearing like 14 scrunchies for that VSCO look, since my taping-highlighters-too-my-hoodie fell apart the minute I stepped foot outside of my room.

Can I just say, that. . .

(Don’t do it, Kaylin. Don’t do it. . . )

. . .this day is gonna be the highlight of the year?

(Agh you did it!)

Tuesday, April 19, 2022: BBQ Dad V.S. Soccer Mom!

Bring a grill, cooler, or the famous mom-tote-bag. Wear loose long sleeves and a vest with a cap, or white shirt, loose blue shorts that reach down to your knees, with some hiking-like shoes with grill stuff in hand. Me? I borrowed my dad’s hat and matched it with my Seahawk Journal tee, capris, tennis shoes, and a ponytail.

Too bad I couldn’t use my mom’s Washington large grocery bag, tote, thing. I think it would have fit perfectly.

Wednesday, April 20, 2022: Decades!

Wear that Twin Tolo Decades outfit, or find a brand new, hip and swag outfit! Don’t be a buzzkill and join the fun! (Did I use those words right? Pretty sure I butchered them but, like, whateves.)

Not a lot of people went with this one. I felt like the only one wearing it, until I saw two people wearing roman gladiator costumes. Then I didn’t feel weird about wearing my 1990’s (ish) dress. 

Thursday, April 21, 2022: Blanket/PJ day!

Finally, an excuse to wear my slippers, pajamas, and blanket. Saw a lot of people wearing blankets, some even bringing stuffed animals and plush…and pillows. YES SOMEONE BROUGHT A PILLOW. I saw him and I was like, “Did he bring the whole bed or something? He got the pillow, blanket, PJ’s, slippers, and a little stuffed animal. I was expecting parts of a bed frame to be peaking out from his backpack. Really cool dude-I-don’t-know-and-only-seen-like-once.

Friday, April 22, 2022

Heartstopper TV series (which came out today btw) and superhero day? Alice Oseman is my superhero hands down. Felt like the stars were aligning and fate was declared right then and there. But anyways.

How many Spider-Man’s did I see? Honestly, too many. In the middle of a Physical Science test, I realized, “There’s probably more people wearing Spider-Man costumes than the 4 in front of me…” Apparently it was like “No Way Home all over again, but in school.” 

I wouldn’t know. I haven’t seen it.

Some people had some creative people with their costumes, one showed up, full blown Batman. Saw someone tie a blanket around their neck like a cape, and saw some wearing actual capes. I, however, safety-pinned my dog’s Wonder Woman costume to my backpack, because apparently, I couldn’t bring my dog to school. 

Needless to say, this was one of the weaker Spirit Weeks. It was fun, no doubt. But hardly anyone did it. But thanks to ASB Leadership for taking the time to put together this week!

Next time though, one of them should be like, 9th as babies, 10th as like children, 11th as teens, and 12th as like old people or something. That would be one interesting article to write about. 

Kaylin Frost

--She/Her-- --Junior--

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