As Alfie and Amzi were strolling through the forest they realized it was definitely a lot harder to breathe. The air got thicker and it started to hurt Alfie everytime she tried to talk. Gusts of snowy wind made her hair moisten while Amzi hated the lantern getting hit by the snow particles in the air. He was starting to feel a little claustrophobic. After walking through the forest for about an hour she heard this noise- this deep, grueling roar. She started to panic and so she ran which made her go deeper and deeper into the woods. 

     She was so panicked by fear that the time she stopped she started clutching her chest. She then breathed slowly in order to try and calm herself down; which she successfully did. 

     She then thumped on the very snowy grass and put the lantern down right next to her. She was tired and needed a little rest. As she was relaxing the lantern got snatched! She saw the creatures taking it and started running after them. She couldn’t really tell who was taking Amzi as they were pretty speedy and quick; too quick that she couldn’t catch up to them. The creatures then went into a hole in the ground but before Alfie could catch up they closed it with a rock. She then looked around a bit and saw the creatures running right across from her. 

     She saw them so she immediately started sprinting after them as she was so close to catching them she tripped on some sort of root more of the creatures then started jumping on her and started biting and attacking her they tied her up with grass rope and pulled it super tight on her. When she looked up close all she could see was weird, little, men with white hair and beards, they also seemed to have a lot of white hair on their body and had brown eyes.

      She saw that two of them kept messing around with the lantern and started tapping it and playing catch with it while Amzi was inside. He was starting to get dizzy and queasy. She could see that the creatures turned out to be some sort of dwarf; a snow dwarf called a Barbegazi. While three of the Barbegarzi were jumping on Alfie, some other Barbegarzi’s started to join in a circle around her and started holding hands with each other and started spinning in that circle. Then they started throwing pine cones at her continuously for a little while. They then immediately started to hear this low toned growl. Goosebumps started to go across their skin and they looked at each other worryingly, they then decided to throw out the lantern and the girl outside of their home so they wouldn’t be discovered. 

     The lantern hatch then flew open and Amzi made his escape. He then saw Alfie laying on the snowy ground. And was trying to use his hands to burn off the grass rope. All the ropes start to burn and disintegrate. Then Alfie stood up. They then heard this Crunching noise… *Crunch* *Crunch* *Crunch.* They then saw the shadowy creature in the distance. It was towering and had a bit of a hunched back. It was very thin and seemed to have glowing eyes with a long continuous whistle that seemed to rhyme with the wind while it was slightly drooling. It seemed very eerie.  

    Amzi then had a realization and told her to “Run!” The creature then started running at them very quickly; although Amzi and Alfie didn’t look back they knew the creature was tall. Exactly 15 ft tall. It had a very brittle and rawboned body with a deer skull head with antlers and stood on two legs. Its speed was as fast as the winter wind and was even faster than them as both Alfie and Amzi ran into the creature. They both then tried to run back but the Wendigo was already there. And then when the Wendigo was just about to make its kill- a huge white furry beast then came out of nowhere and started mauling the Wendigo. 

Amzi then sparked an idea and started spewing fire from his hands at the creature. As it landed on the creature it obnoxiously cried and the creature used that to its advantage by mauling it even more. Amzi then dived towards the wendigo’s heart and the beast then moved out of the way and the wendigo let out a loud whistle, afterwards the beast finally fell to the ground and I and all the cold air ran out of its body. Alfie ran to the carcass and couldn’t find Amzi but she couldn’t find him. She looked around and found Amzi heading a different path in the forest. Alfie then proceeded to follow him as well. 

    When she finally caught up to him she saw that he was following the beast from before. She could see it more clearly because there wasn’t any sign of motion. The beast was very fluffy and white. And had a light blue hue snowflake like pupils surrounded by these black jaded eyes. Now that they were up closer they actually had a chance to realize how big this creature actually is; It was 6ft tall. The creature then stopped and there was a cold silence in the air. “Why are you stalking me?” Alfie and Amzi both looked at each other nervously as the beast showed a blank expression directed towards them.  “Um well we just want to say thank you… I’m sorry I’m not really sure what you are.” Alfie said. I’m a Yeti, or An Abominable Snowman. You know white fur, black eyes, big teeth-” The Yeti replied. 

    Woah you’re a Yeti what do I do? I’ve never seen or talked to one-” As Alfie stopped part way through her question as the Yeti just walked away, Amzi then immediately then flew in front of them. “Hey we need some help here-” “Get out of here you overgrown firefly-” The Yeti exclaimed. Amzi then looked at the Yeti in shock. “Please, it will only just take a moment.” Alfie said, the Yeti then waited a couple moments to reply for processing things. “…So what kind of human are you? I mean you have pointy ears that could impale someone and have these slit-like eyes.. I’ve never seen anything like that before.” The Yeti replied. “I’M AN ELF NOT SOMETYPE OF HUMAN.” Alfie replied defensively.

      Well they are related biologically I believe so they can’t be too far off-” Amzi replied They both then just saw that the Yeti is just walking away from them, they both ran behind the Yeti. The Yeti then let out a sickening groan of irritation. “I don’t get it, why are they following me? I don’t know why a little Pointy Eared freak and a Little creaky Termite ARE FOLLOWING ME IN THE MIDDLE OF A FOREST!!

The Yeti yelled aggressively and kicked a tree in anger and Amzi hid in Alfie’s hair. “If we are so aggravating then why haven’t you eaten instead. Isn’t that what beasts like you do? Eat anything?” Alfie asked. *Scoffs* You really think it’s all about you Elves don’t you? That you’re the only ones in this world to suffer? Do you really think that I would eat your frostbitten flesh and your little “hot tasting” fairy friend? You probably wouldn’t even taste that good; I’d rather starve than eat one of you.” The Yeti replied sternly. 

     “We just need some directions.. I just wanna leave this forest.” Alfie said. Hmm Let’s see, let me think about this.. Here’s an answer for you, go home.” The Yeti responded and walked away. Alfie then chased after her and said; “Wait! Listen, I just want to leave this forest I-I’ve never seen anything outside of my town; I don’t want to succumb to a place and stay there all my life; I want to explore! See the world! Find some friends along the way-” “Really?” The Yeti asked unimpressed. “Possibly?” Alfie replied awkwardly. The Yeti gave a cold unreadable stare and then made their decision. “Let’s go.” The Yeti said Alfie then in shock said. “Really you actually-” “LET’S GO!” The Yeti yelled demandingly. “Jeez, okay.” Alfie replied.

 Amzi then moved out of Alfie’s hair and just sat on her shoulder with his legs crossed. Alfie decided to try and stir up some conversation to keep things from being too awkward by some conversation starters. “So what kind of Sprite’s are there? I’ve only heard of a few.” “Well we’re specifically elemental so that means there’s Earth, Water, Air, Not specifically electricity but Water and Fire Sprites have to work together in order for that to happen for special situations only.” Amzi said. The three of them were silent after that and were still treking through the forest to their next destination; and who knows, maybe there’s a lot more under the snow than what may seem.

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Hello, I'm Lilliana (you can call me Lilly), I'm a 12th grader @ AHS who just likes to write and come up with yummy stories. I hope you like my work.

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