The disaster has since destroyed the area as debris fills the air and buildings continue to crumble. The land has been abandoned for the safety of everyone. Away far in the rubble and asphalt lies a little girl. She stands motionless over a giant pothole in the earth. The little girl pierces down the massive hole, seemingly endless, leaning further in, almost looking for something. The area around her is taped off; it’s an accident only police are to get involved in. She isn’t supposed to be there, and it is unknown how she got there in the first place. The earth crumbles at her feet, but she surprisingly is not afraid. Directly over the edge, carefully defying gravity, she reaches down into the hole and pulls out a small red bag containing unknown items. She pulls herself back up and starts walking away.

     About 50 feet away, the little girl turns back to face the deep pothole. A single, but very long minute passes; she starts running towards the hole, as fast as her feet can go. Maybe she had forgotten something, or perhaps something was pulling her back toward the hole. She runs, and runs, and runs until she abruptly stops; she is hanging over the edge, barely staying on the ground. She stares at the hole completely still, never looking away. All of a sudden, her gaze breaks and she comes back to reality. She looks around, confused and unaware of how she got there. Just then, the little girl slowly looks back into the hole, being taken into a trance once again, and she slowly begins to fall forward. Not a single sound was heard as she fell, not even when she hit the ground. If she hit the ground. No fear was shown on her face. The only thing left when the police went in to examine the area, was the little red bag she held as she fell. Inside, a dozen pictures of people that had gone missing before, all sharing a large red X over them. One photo stands out the most, the little girl’s picture, slowly appearing to be covered with a large red X.

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