I know I want to leave

To escape from this place, this life,

this stagnation

I need to go, to learn,

to find something new, something beautiful

Yet I am afraid.

I hate this place, some days

This town, these people

Being here makes me angry,


and I know I can’t stay.

I must leave, I want to leave,

and yet I don’t.

I can’t stay, but I don’t want to leave.

I’m scared to leave my home,

my place, my life

They know me here, and I know them

I know what is right, what is normal,

what is safe and true

I have a role here, a reputation, a life

I want to escape it,

to be free

But I don’t wan’t to lose it.

I am leaving soon,

that is certain.

I can’t wait to go, to live a new life,

to grow

And yet I want to stay

to continue this life

keep the same friends

and walk the same paths

I want to stay, but I need to go.

I need to stay, but I want to go.

I will not stay, so where will I go?

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