Garrett Smith, football player number 51, plays right tackle on the offensive line. He’s been playing football for four years, though nothing in those years compares to the State Championship, where he played at Huskey Stadium in Seatle on December 2nd, 2023 versus Tumwater. “I didn’t believe we were going until the Wednesday before we left,” he says. 

“Me as a freshman, I wouldn’t believe it,” Garret claimed with a laugh. “I just wanted to play football because my friends played, and it looked fun. I never thought I would play in a state championship game or even win,” He recalls.

Every year results in a new team, including the offensive line. Garret explains how he and his teammates would march into the weight room nearly two times a week to get stronger, as well as changing diets to gain wait as well. “I think putting on the weight helped the most. But at the end of the day, it’s hard work that got me to where I am,” he says. 

Saturday’s game was intense for everyone, but the turnout was worth it. “Their defensive line was good and fast,” Garrett explains how despite Tumwater bringing their a-game, Anacortes brought their A-Game. “I knew that our offensive line was super strong up front and I felt like our pass protection as a line would be fine against them and it was.” He comments. “I also knew that we were going to dominate [Tumwater] and win, but for sure was surprised,” Garrett explains. The Seahawk shad scored 60 points in the end, as well as setting a new 2A record for the most points scored in the championship game.

Garret’s favorite moment during the game was when he was calling out blitzes from the linebackers with the offensive, as well as watching his teammate, Rylin Lang, celebrate touchdowns and make crazy catches on the field. “It was an unbelievable experience—it was crazy from the crowd to the locker room to the field.”

As a high school senior, Garrett says he believes in the team’s success moving forward, with the best players on the team. Even though Garrett’s plays were spectacular on the field, he’s hoping to become a physical therapist or a radiology technician after college.

Kaylin Frost

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