Some people believe heaven is the highest point in the sky,

so where would I be if I went beyond the sky?

What would I see if I floated up with an umbrella, stretched my hand out, and looked past the clouds?

`I would see stars that give light to the darkness.

I would notice how they arrange themselves in such a way to make constellations.

I would see the other planets in our solar system dance around me.

And when I look back down, I will see the clouds and the world I floated away from.

Why did I float away? To see beyond the sky.

Will I ever come back down? Maybe. In another life.

If heaven is what people believe is the highest point in the sky

and heaven is the place of peace and happiness,

then I believe beyond the sky, is the place of heaven for me.

I longed to view above the sky and floated up to hold it tight.

I may not float back down, but I will still view Earth from above the clouds.

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