2018 is bound to be an exciting time in the music industry. Many artists are planning on releasing albums this year, quite a few after a long break. Expectations for these collections are high, and patience is low. Ready or not, these albums will be taking over the charts this year.

Carly Rae Jepsen

Confirmed by multiple Instagram stories, Jepsen’s new album is likely to release this year. In February, the pop star changed her bio to read, “When you move it’s like a disco darling – all my dreams come true”. Fans theorize these are lyrics to new music, raising the stakes for its release even higher. In interviews, Jepsen has established that her new songs are going to have disco undertones, which might explain the change on her account. 

The 1975

The long awaited album by The 1975 is also due to release this year. Entitled Music for Cars, the collection will hopefully explore the unique, electric sound that has brought the band its glory. With over four million followers on Spotify, the album is guaranteed to succeed and bring the group even more recognition. Their latest release, I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it, received the Q Award for best album, and it will likely be the first of many wins.

Ariana Grande

“Side To Side” performer Ariana Grande is suspected to be releasing a new album this year. On New Years Eve, she posted a sneak-peek of her new work on Instagram. From this clip, it appears she is remaining consistent with her poppy style and high vocals. Of course, her latest release, Dangerous Woman, premiered in 2016 and had extreme success. No one has any doubts that her new music will consist of many hits as well.

Avril Lavigne

After five long years of absence, the 2000s skater queen is back and ready to dominate the charts. Lavigne’s latest, self-titled release came out in 2013, and it was quite different from her earlier work. It was poppier with electric undertones, containing songs like “Sippin’ on Sunshine” and “Hello Kitty”. In her previous songs, Lavigne is edgier, writing pieces like “Sk8er Boi” and “Complicated”. This upcoming collection will be her sixth studio album, and she has a specific plan for its sound. In an Instagram post, Lavigne revealed that her sound is going to take a rebellious turn, and it will be heavily influenced by rock. Fans are curious how this musical change will warp their favorite pop star.


International pop sensation, Rihanna, will likely be releasing her ninth studio album this year. This collection will be co-written with many other artists, including Travis Scott and Key Wane. Chances are, she will continue with her hip-hop/pop vibe, but an exciting change could be just around the corner.

Arctic Monkeys

This United Kingdom quartet is finally becoming active again after five years of no new music and four of no touring. Although the name and release date of their upcoming album is unknown, it has been confirmed to drop sometime in 2018 by lead singer and guitarist, Alex Turner. The band’s sound varies from album to album, beginning with pop-punk but later experimenting with hip-hop undertones. Fans are desperate to hear the new music and see the band hit the road on tour this summer.

Twenty One Pilots

Although there is no official confirmation that the American duo is releasing new music this year, fans have theorized that publication is soon to come. After finishing their Tour de Columbus tour early last summer, the band has commenced a complete hiatus. They have not used social media or made any public appearances in months, leaving their fanbase, known as the Clique, begging for content. Ranging from soft ukulele to aggressive raps, the duo’s sound is uncategorized and completely unique.



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