It’s that time of year again, folks — when students elect new ASB officers. The officers have many responsibilities: planning school events, leading the House and Senate meetings, budgeting projects and writing agendas, among many others.  Officers greet people in the morning, and work hard behind the scenes of assemblies and other schoolwide activities. Each spring, new ASB officers are chosen by the students. Those who win are trusted to represent and run the school well.

The candidates gave their speeches on Wednesday, April 25th at 10 a.m. Voting will take place during first period Thursday, April 26th. This year, there are five AHS students running for office positions. Michael Mantel, the current ASB President, states, “It’s better to run and lose than to not run at all. All of the candidates are running unopposed, except for the role of President. Luke Rutz and Cassie Ausland will face-off for the students of AHS’s votes.

All of the positions have different responsibilities and work both individually and as a group to achieve their goals. The President presides over the leadership class, and helps create a strong community. The Vice President is the speaker of the House of Representatives, assumes Presidential duties when needed, and oversees all aspects of House & Senate meetings. The Business Manager manages the ASB financial accounts and keeps track of school spending. Finally, the Secretary handles all correspondence and recording.

Junior Cassie Ausland is running for ASB President. This is her first year in the ASB Leadership class. She looks up to current President, Michael Mantel, both inside and outside the class. “He’s a great person and role model, who’s really made a difference in our school,” says Ausland. She wants to have the same impact Mantel has had on our school and students. She also wants to make things run smoothly and stay organized. “I really think I’m a natural-born leader,  I’ve been through a lot of things in my life that have shaped me into who I am, and I want to make a difference,” states Ausland. She wants people to feel comfortable enough to approach her with anything and wants people to trust her not only with the school, but within day-to-day interactions, too, “I can relate to students because everyone has hard times in their lives and they should know they can come to me.” Ausland said she wants to possibly add or remove certain events and that she “has a lot of ideas for the upcoming year.” 

Junior Luke Rutz is also running for ASB President. “These past three years at Anacortes High School have been spectacular,” says Rutz. He hopes to continue keeping the school community fun, energetic, and full of caring people. “I want people to elect me because I understand the qualities that it takes to be a leader,” Rutz says. “I also find it easy to communicate with others.” He plans to use this skill if elected as President, when supervising departments, or when working alongside the other ASB officers and leadership class. “I am always coming up with different ideas,” says Rutz. When asked about his main goal, Rutz states, “Most of all, I want to see every student at Anacortes have an enjoyable experience [at high school].” One way Rutz is trying to make high school enjoyable is trying to get more students involved in activities. “I think that Anacortes already offers a ton of opportunities for students to become involved and meet new people,” Rutz says. “If there isn’t something that interests them they can create a club.”

Junior Ros Cohen is running for ASB Vice President. In her sophomore year, Cohen was one of the two only tenth graders in the leadership class full of juniors and seniors. She loved being involved in planning events and making people feel more comfortable at the school. She also has been a part of the House and Senate each year. Because of her participation with the ASB class, Cohen wants to continue planning events and help make things less confusing. “I am excited to lead the House and Senate meetings. I’m a big doer, so I’m happy to be able to fill in and do anything that needs being done!” Cohen says. “I was also Class Business Manager this year for my Junior Class and I really really liked it.” One of her goals is to continue to “acknowledge people in the hallway and always try to say hi and smile at people. I want to impact and meet more people, even in the littlest way possible, and inspire the ASB class to do the same.” 

Junior Abby Davis is running for ASB Business Manager. Davis believes she has much to bring to the table, saying, “With the new school, there will be new systems and activities and new culture, and I have plenty of ideas and ways to contribute to the school. I am very consist and I always follow through with what I say.” She is excited about being Business Manager and what her responsibilities are.  “I’m prepared to put 110% effort into it [the position],” Davis says.  She would love to add more activities that will not separate the school by grades, but instead bring everyone together. Davis has noticed the school is usually separated into cliques by grades, and she would love to help unify our school.  Overall, Davis “wants to bring out the better qualities of the student body and school.”

Junior Megan Bellusci is running for ASB Secretary. Bellusci has always been in a leadership position throughout high school. She is involved in many different ways, whether it be through clubs, sports, or door greeting.  “I want to be a part of the ASB class and make a positive difference in the school. I would love to add more activities after school, so that there is something for everyone.” Bellusci wants to be able to make the school an even better place, and while in every instance, this requires direction and leadership, she will also try to help with every event possible, to make things run smoother. “I’m pretty fair, creative, and I’m very efficient. I know how to effectively push people without being rude,” Bellusci says. Her main goal is “to be approachable so that anyone can come up to me and suggest ideas. ”

Voting ballots will be sent out electronically and officers will be announced this Friday.

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