With the AHS gym in remodel mode this season, the Seahawk boys basketball team is playing their home games at Skagit Valley College. “The Rock” video producer John Harrison filed this report.

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  1. I find it interesting that some rock stories can be posted on this channel. This might be a repeat of a previous rock episode But I find it a tad bit interesting on how your school has to sometimes travel to the SVC to pay some games. I only wish that I could get student discount. Must be an effort though for the team, cheer, band, and the fans to show up to as many games as they could.

    However I must ask, is this the only time articles like these will show up? Excerpts from the rock, or can we expect some other video pieces such as the “Ambition has no Gender Piece”? I mean it’s not a bad idea to have rock videos here but is there still possibility for video articles outside of the rock?


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