Summer. Just the word opens the door to happy thoughts. No school, free time, sunshine, warmth; it all sounds so refreshing. Winter, on the other hand, sounds plain depressing. Below freezing temperatures, rain, frost, wind— it seems miserable! If you’re anything like most people, winter is not your favorite season, and your frown appears frozen to your face. (Literally.) A winter slump is not uncommon, and most people face it; the cold weather on top of the stress of finals does not mix. But summer doesn’t directly correlate to happiness; it’s all in your lifestyle! Although Anacortes winters aren’t ideal and it can feel like there is a dark cloud following you around, there are some things you can do to get over your seasonal depression!

  • Make yourself busy! Yes, it’s cold, but bundle up and do something outside! You can do something as simple as going for a walk, or you can go up to the mountains and ski! And if the outdoors is not your favorite, spend time with your friends and family! By surrounding yourself with people you love, it will, in turn, make you happier!
  • Get enough sleep! Seriously, sleep is something every student can testify to struggling with at some point. Aiming for at least 7-8 hours each night will make you feel more rejuvenated, and sequentially, you will not feel drowsy during the day, thus feeling happier!
  • Be productive! Push yourself to stay on top of school work; your future self will thank you. Nothing is stopping you from getting things done besides the temptation of procrastination. Just force yourself to get even a few minutes of schoolwork in a day, and you will feel less stressed and therefore, less sad. And it doesn’t need to be school work; you can also clean out your closet or organize your desk— whatever you need to do, get it done!
  • Eat healthier! Now, this may not seem like the most beneficial or exciting, but studies show that gluten directly leads to depression! By decreasing your consumption of bready foods, you can lose the blues like that. And eating breakfast will start your day off on the right foot.
  • Try something new! Even if it’s reading a new book or listening to a new song, your mind will appreciate the growth in knowledge! If you don’t want to go outside on a rainy day, stay inside and cook with a new recipe, or learn a new language online. Small things that you have never tried will refresh your brain and help you feel better about the weather!

Winter isn’t automatically chilly and dismal; it’s whatever you make it! Instead of complaining about the cold and wallowing in wishes for summer, try to enjoy the moment. Even if it doesn’t necessarily make you happy immediately, (i.e., doing homework, cleaning, etc.) you will appreciate it in the long run. Rather than caving to the cold, beat the blues! Don’t let the dreariness steal your joy. Besides, the winter isn’t as long as you think, and before you know it, the warmth will be among us, and the winter woes will have disappeared… until next year.

Allie Perez

Allie Perez is Editor-in-Chief of The Seahawk Journal. She loves writing, musicals, the color yellow, tea, bringing happiness to the people around her, but most importantly, dogs. She adores dogs with...

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  1. Great blog Allie!! you’re on your way with
    bringing your thoughts to life & giving vision to your followers ♡♡♡

  2. This is a great article! This is really good advice, especially since people might be down about finals, (I think that ended). I think i’ll show this to my friend.


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