2019 ASB Elections

Bright posters along the walls, extra friendly greetings in the halls, and plenty of student announcements in class all mean one thing: it is election week. Each year, students from every grade have the opportunity to compete for ASB officers. This year, there are 9 candidates in the running.

Junior Maggie Betts is running for president. She is currently a class officer and has been in the leadership class. “I really love the school, and I think involvement is key.” She says. “We have a lot of different clubs and sports that go under the radar, so keeping students aware gives them the ability to be involved.”

Mackenzie Wakefield is also in the running for president. “I want a school where people are excited about coming to school events,” states Mackenzie. “Everyone should have a sense of belonging.” She thinks of herself as approachable and as a leader, wanting fun ways for people to be involved.

Max Hanesworth is the third candidate for president this year. He will focus on bringing people together from all different walks of life through school events. “[My] personality also makes me a good fit as the figurehead of the leadership class,” Max adds.

Aynslee King, a vice presidential candidate, wants our school to be more inclusive, especially toward freshmen. “I would have more dances and assemblies [next year] to make it a good time,” she says. She plans to use her experience as volleyball team captain in office.

Ella Villines is running for vice president as well, and her main goal is to construct a brighter, safer, more creative environment for next year. “I want to be a role model. I want students to feel loved, heard, and accepted with me in office,” Ella states. Creating a safe environment for the students will be on the forefront, she adds.

Ellie Chambers is the candidate for business manager. She is excited to expand her position as business manager of her class to the whole school, and she is ready to put forth the dedication it takes to be in a leadership role. “I may be the only option,” she says, “but I will add fun to our school and work hard.”

Elizabeth Koals, a secretary candidate, aspires to add more interactive events outside of school.  “I am hardworking, love taking notes, and love organization,” she mentions. “Outside things that will involve the whole school and bring everyone together” is what she hopes to implement next year.

Madison DeBruler is the sophomore candidate for secretary. “I really want to focus on making sure everyone feels more included, especially new students,” Madison states. Next year, she plans on making sure all opinions are heard and respected.

The third candidate for secretary, Hayli Hagedorn, has been in the leadership class has learned to take people’s opinions into account. “I’m a really good typist,” she claims, “and I want to make a difference in our school.”

Ballots will be sent out this Thursday, April 25th. Don’t forget to cast your vote and let your voice be heard.

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  1. Wow these sound like really good candidates! I’m glad I don’t go to AHS. I wouldn’t have been able to decide who to vote for! Thanks for the insight!


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