If we’re all going to be honest here, when I first found out that we had 6 weeks off, my initial thought was: “Sick! Early vacation!!” My best friend and I were stoked; we couldn’t wipe the idiotic smiles off our faces. Unfortunately, the ideas of late night car rides, 9 day-in-a-row sleepovers, no homework, and doing whatever we please is not the case. The reality of this pandemic hit us harder than we ever expected: everyone staying home and only venturing out into the public for necessities.

Currently, the routine that I have while on lockdown begins at 7am with a run, followed by coming home to sleep more, getting back up and showering, making food, doing any schoolwork that has been sent out, and then lazily moping around my house reminiscing on the days where I was free to see my friends. This helps me feel as though I have a little bit of normalcy to my days. It’s not all bad, and I was conversing with an AHS teacher who also agreed that it is nice to be able to slow down during all of the chaos of spring. I have thoroughly enjoyed being able to go on runs everyday and savor those mornings to myself.

When asking the general population of AHS students about their quarantine routines, most say that they just stay up late and sleep the day away. There is almost nothing to do, teachers are doing all they can but it isn’t 6 hours worth of work that replaces our normal school days (and if it was, I don’t think most students would have the motivation to do it all). I have been trying to keep myself busy so that I don’t lose my mind from boredom or freak out about the reality of the situation.

I think the statistics of Covid-19 are beginning to scare people more and more everyday — I’m scared! This is all new territory to us. There are so many unknowns: when will this be over? How can we slow this down? When will we find a vaccine? What we do know is there are simple ways to protect ourselves and others. And as much as I want to be with friends, it is worth it in the long run to stay home.

We don’t know when we will return to school or the slightest bit of normalcy, but we are genuinely all together in these uncharted waters. I believe we will work through this as a community, but until it is over, just let yourself breathe and savor the slowness or keep yourself busy with a routine (or both)! I know I miss my friends and activities (and yes, school) but that doesn’t mean we can’t still try to make the most of the extra time that we have. Playing a sport, making art, or learning a new instrument are great ways to fill up your time. Just make sure you stay home and stay safe!

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  1. Great work Clare! I enjoyed reading what you’ve been thinking about and doing lately. The mixed emotions and changing routines of AHS students are expected during these interesting times. Thanks for your reporting.

    Ms. Fox

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