Quarantine was exciting when it was first introduced as an option — of course it was! A break from school seemed like a perfect solution to many of our problems with stress. But spending more and more time home alone with our families, it now seems like more of a curse than a blessing. The biggest problem a lot of us are facing is what to do with all this extra time. We can’t exactly hang out with our friends, so what is there to do but hope the hours will go by just a bit faster? I have personally found several ways to waste my time. 

One of the things I most often find myself spending hours on is Minecraft. I am terrified of any combat with zombies (I lose), but something about building little medieval villages is very soothing in such an anxious time. If I get bored of that, I will make another attempt at filling up my sketchbook. As someone who isn’t particularly artsy in nature, it can simply be a good release. Finding pictures of models on Pinterest and attempting to recreate them can often be a laugh, anyhow. Walking around the neighborhood can also sometimes be fun–so long as you layer up, of course. The sunsets in Anacortes are absolutely stunning, and I’d usually be the last to say it, but taking some time away from your phone to enjoy the view is sometimes just what you need, especially with everything in the news as of late. 

The most important thing I keep in my mind, as we all should, is that quarantine is serious. Staying inside is for the health and safety of not only ourselves, but others who are more at risk. While the drive to hang out with your friends might grow stronger as life stuck at home becomes more boring, you could seriously impact the health of others by leaving your house. There are plenty of entertaining things to do from the safety of your home, and the internet is a great resource for new ideas!

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  1. Great messages, Stella. Thanks for sharing your new discoveries and commitment to our community.

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