How many songs do you listen to in a day? Or is it something that you never take to heart? I know that I listen to music at least a quarter of each day. I listen to music when I’m doing most of my activities: playing with my dog, washing dishes, exercising, digging deep into those pre-calc problems, gardening with my mom, showering, and even when I’m trying to get myself to sleep. 

Music plays a big role in my life. It comforts me, gives me strength, and even is my emotional escape. Often times, we undermine the power of healing through music in our lives. Music can reduce depression, depending on which music you listen to and when you listen to it. For instance, when I feel homesick, I listen to slower, sad music which allows me to cry it out, but when I feel happier and energetic, I play music with a faster tempo that boosts me up. 

I grew up in an environment where people loved House and Classic pop genres. But as I’ve gotten older, I have met a lot of diverse people and been to diverse places which has changed the perspective of how I see music. My dear sister of mine, also an exchange student, Jubin-Lee, (from South Korea), introduced me to Korean pop. At first I didn’t care for it — when it popped on my TV screen back in South Africa —  but now it carries a big portion of my heart because it’s something that reminds me of Jubin-Lee. It’s funny that now I’m struggling to choose between BTS and Blackpink when once I wouldn’t even give them a chance.

That’s what music does. It forces us to change, and regardless of what kind of music you listen to, you will be bent towards that direction — towards those memories or lessons the music has brought forward. Listening to music is like diving into a pool full of wonder; when you resurface, you’ll have found or learned something new. So when you need an escape from these unprecedented times, dive into this pool of treasures and flow with the symphonies for a while. Maybe you’ll come up for air with a new mindset or resurfaced memory. Why do you need painkillers when you can engulf yourself in music?

Mapula Mmatli

I love writing, acting, and public speaking Kind and friendly to all :)

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