This Friday, September 25th, starting at 5 pm, DymindGuld, a local band of former and current Anacortes High School students is hosting a free virtual concert. They will be live streaming their event on both Instagram and Facebook.

Woojun Jeong, Maxwell Hanesworth, and Dominic and Henry Ermi make up the rock band DymindGuld. They are huge believers in music being like medicine, says Woojun, hence why they started this band. They are hoping to spread joy in a time when the world feels joyless. Their main focus is on serving the community, Woojun adds, and they will be hosting canned food drives for the Salvation Army in the future, along with continuing to play music virtually, and hopefully, in person.

DymindGuld will be playing rock music that “most people will know and enjoy” so that they can bring people together. But while music is their medium of expression, they are hoping to express messages from local community members alongside their tunes.

Tomorrow’s concert will be a kick off to their Anacortes Music of Hope project, where they are using music as a tool to share positive ideas from community representatives. If you have a hopeful message you’d like to share or are interested in participating in the Music of Hope project, you can follow their Instagram or Facebook pages (simply looking up DymindGuld on either platform should do the trick) and send them a message!

Friday’s concert comes as a positive escape from the negative events happening around us, and while we may not be able to attend the concert in person, watching the show and knowing other people are doing the same may be enough to feel connected to the community in a small way for now.

Allie Perez

Allie Perez is Editor-in-Chief of The Seahawk Journal. She loves writing, musicals, the color yellow, tea, bringing happiness to the people around her, but most importantly, dogs. She adores dogs with...

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