There is a girl I see a lot

Every time I see her I look at her and scoff

I look at her with disgust

Every day I tell her she will never be pretty

I lecture her that she isn’t enough

I make her cry sometimes

why? because she is so ugly

She has the frizziest hair 

Weird eyebrows

A oddly shaped nose

Dry lips

Too long of neck

Wrinkly and dry hands

She is way to short

She weighs way to much 

Her nails are broken and chipped

While I may be being mean 

She isn’t pretty

And the more hurtful my comments are…

The more her self confidence crumbles

Oh how I wanted to stop ruining her 

I wish I could tell her that she is pretty

But it isn’t true and I can’t

Because every time I look in the mirror

All I see is my flaws

My wrinkly hands and frizzy hair

When we look in the mirror we first see our flaws 

When in reality they aren’t flaws they make us unique

We need to see ourselves the way others do

Because others see you as beautiful

So know your worth

because you are more than pretty

You are beautiful.

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