Words are complicated things 

They have different spelling

Same meaning

English is very confusing 

Even to me, a native English speaker.

I can’t spell well 

Or pronounce well

But no matter the language, the trickiest thing about words is

The word’s meaning is easy to confuse 

Other people might not understand what you mean.

Not necessarily because you’re confusing 

Just that words are easy to misinterpret.

The way you say something has a different meaning to different people

Texting doesn’t help with this 

Neither does sarcasm

You see, words are beautiful but they also have the power to kill someone

You can uplift or bring down someone with words

Unintentionally and intentionally 

Your words can make someone smile 

Your words can make someone cry

Giving someone a compliment will make them feel good

Bullying someone will knock them down and it can be hard to get back up;

Choose your words carefully 

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