The dark, cold room seemed to be getting bigger, wider, hungrier as Sarah Lemmings walked into her bedroom once more, for the last time. She’d been through this once and twice, and now a third time. The dark figures told her that it would be the last one. 

A blinding light and the hum of an engine grew louder and louder as Sarah crouched in her closet, closed the door and waited. As Sarah averted her eyes from the light, she heard little footsteps coming from the halls.

Amy! Sarah thought as she stood up. She heard the window above her bed open ever so slightly and heard her floor creak from near her bed and Sarah froze. These footsteps were much heavier than the last ones. The shaking girl heard her name spoken softly, and the hiss and growled from the newcomer.

“Sarah? What are you doing?” Her little sister, Amy, spoke and Sarah threw the closet door open, only to find herself face to face with a hideous creature, and her sister screamed loudly, and Sarah could only tremble in fear.

Sarah took in the ugly creature as time slowed down. The creature had ashen gray skin, with two glowing yellow eyes, and an rounded hexagonal face, with a body of a wolf, without fur that is, and it stood on two legs, hunched over. Salvia covered the creature’s fangs and dripped onto Sarah’s cold, bare feet. Talons as long as over two feet seemed to look fake.

Before Sarah could say anything, the creature leaped onto Amy and grabbed her and fleeted to the window. Amy was knocked out, blood oozing from holes in her chest where the creature had pounced on her. The dark figure turned around and with a wicked grin and snarled.

“We no longer need your assistance.” He said, his voice sounding rough like sandpaper against metal. The monster took Amy away as he leaped out the window. Sarah rushed and screamed.

“No! You can’t have her!” But it was too late. The Undefined Flying Object, or UFO, flew away and the blinding light was gone. Sarah turned on her light and woke up her parents to tell them what had happened. This wasn’t the first time someone told them what had happened, apparently, Sarah figured as her father bowed his head as her mother sobbed. Finally, her father said one last thing before they hurried off to bed.

“This is only going to get worse.”

Kaylin Frost

--She/Her-- --Junior--

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