1    Obsession is kind to me, it offers reassurance 

2    It has its own special way of luring us 

3    Obsession is always in mind 

4    Even though it causes me to be blind 

5    No matter the obsession if it’s big or small 

6    It finds a way to control us all 

7    Obsession, whether it’s shallow or deep 

8    Causes most of us to become weak 

9    Obsession controls me 

10    Though I don’t wish to be free 

11    It is mine to keep forever 

12    Or for as long as it consumes me 

13    My brain becomes fogged with the obsession that is mine 

14    And when I feel like letting go, ‘no don’t leave’ it whines 

15    I act on my obsession 

16    Sometimes with aggression 

17    My friends think I’m crazy 

18    They say, ‘perhaps someday she may see.’ 

19    My obsession isn’t bad 

20    At least I don’t think it to be 

21    I tell myself Obsessions can be good 

22    All this time I’ve been insecure

23    Maybe it’s time to give up I say 

24    It’s time for this obsession to go away 

25    As I begin to let go 

26    Obsession tries to retake control 

27    ‘You’re mine.’ it sneered 

28    At that I let go and my brain suddenly cleared 

29    There was no longer a strange ring in my head 

30    There was no longer any dread 

31    ‘I’m free!’ I cheered, ‘I’m finally free’ 

32    And now I can finally be… me 

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