Annam All-Father (Look at when Done)

To give context at the end Annam All-Father is basically a god who was said to have created the Giant Race. And the language being used is Swedish. Each Giant Clan has their own of sorts of religion (sort of) that they follow depending on what race they tend to use to support those beliefs and their descendants as well. And Basilah managed to learn and understand Swedish because her mother was. Her Father wasn't he was following Bulgarian.

      I’ve always known that I stood out. That I was seen in a different aspect than others.. Not just because I am a Giant. Yeah, that’s right. A living 15ft tall Giant, specifically a Mountain Giant. My name is Basilah and where I come from is in the Wispian Mountains where me and the rest of my kind lives.   

     We all live in one of the Mountains called Mount Wisteria. Mount Wisteria location in the middle of a forest is where some lush colored moss grows on the caves and has an area with a river down below. Full of fresh greens and resources- And especially the scenery on top of the mountain is astounding! You can see the tangerine colored sunsets, feel the cool wispy breezes throughout your hair as it flows in the wind; it’s just so refreshing to live and see an environment like this!

Forest in Mount Wisteria. Basilah’s Birthplace.

      But besides those good natural qualities the homeland really doesn’t feel welcoming.. At least towards me… You would honestly think with your own kind that you would always be respected.. No matter how different you are… But for me that was never the case.. 

     I was always considered weak because I’m not as bellicose as the others. But it wasn’t even a weakness issue, it was a preference; I just don’t believe in the morals or virtues that a Giant is supposed to have. I believe in more peaceful virtues; like Pacifism.  But the others never agreed or understood; and they never looked out to.  

       They would always say these remarks towards me behind my back  like “too weak,” “an excuse of a Giant,” or even “too Stubborn to even kill a Pixie.” These specific phrases have always echoed in my head and increased my own self doubt throughout my lifespan. 

      But then this single calamity suddenly became the most important event of my life. It was time for the start of a new chapter; an old page in a book that was falling apart that was then replaced by a newly freshly pressed piece of white paper.  I will always be blessed and thankful for that day to the lord who gave me a chance. A destiny to prove to myself and the world around me.. 

Välsigna Annam All-Fader för att du lyser en ny väg för en hopplös själ som jag.(Translation: Bless Annam All-Father for shining a new path for a hopeless soul like me.)  

End of Sneakpeek/Prologue (Hopefully finished soon)

Lilliana Treanor

Hello, I'm Lilliana (you can call me Lilly), I'm a 12th grader @ AHS who just likes to write and come up with yummy stories. I hope you like my work.

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