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This was a idea inspired by a friend of mine, Ivy Holson's Drawing that she made. It featured an Elf Girl standing on a hill looking at the horizon holding a latern; so overall I like to think it was a collaboration. Thank you for the drawing that I got inspired from Ivy Holson! 😀

Once there was a girl named Alfie. An Elf girl. She has long wavy hair curled at the ends and curled bangs. Her hair color is platinum blonde with natural silver highlights. She also has hazel eyes. She was an elf that lived in a local village called Eldenbaugh that is inhabited by elves and demi-elves. (elves that are part human) She was wearing some regular everyday clothes and was skipping through the village with her neighbors and elves saying hi and while going on about their business. Alfie is 20 years old in elf years. (which is like 10 in human years) She ends up near the hill at the end of the town. She sees this forest and mountains beyond them. 

     She usually goes near the end of town daily on a cool, icy-wet morning. She decides today that she explores the wintry environment and stops just staring at it mostly every single waking minute and breath.. She then walks down the hill in her winter apparel but then immediately runs back to her home to grab her lantern she almost forgot. After she lights her lantern she thinks to herself of getting some supplies for her survival. 

     She gets a tiny pouch from her room and speeds back to the kitchen cupboards to grab some sugar-cane berries and fruit; which she immediately puts the pouch in her pocket. She then puts her winter boots, cloak which she tucks her hair in, and a winter dress and puts mittens on and grabs a coat to insure herself some extra warmth. She starts running till the end of the village and then immediately stops. She then proceeds to swiftly walk down the hill into the woods. As she’s walking through the forest she finds that there is still much wildlife and resources in the winter then she thought. 

     She sees some creatures that she has never seen before; She saw some snowshoe hares, some squirrels scurrying up trees with some birds hanging on top the branches. She didn’t see a whole lot of others because of hibernation. As the day got later and the sun was setting she was still walking in the woods for what had been like hours.

Her lantern’s fire was wearing thin and her food supply was running scarce and she was starting to get paler than normal. She was also very tired and was starting to get blurry vision from fatigue. She dropped on the snowy ground and wrapped herself in as much warmth and blankets as possible and curled up into a ball. But it wasn’t even warm enough so her teeth started chattering and started to shiver. 

      She was about to close her eyes but then she saw a spark, a flicker, or something of warm light. She thought it was an ember at first but then she started hearing these noises coming from it was inaudible noises in a different language that got louder and louder the closer it got.  

     She eventually got startled, fully awake in a deep sweat from the little light. Her vision started to focus and what she could see was a tiny, fairy-like creature, Except it looked a little different; It had elemental wings and had an outfit that looked like fire. It had brown eyes and dark brown hair and red highlights. It also had wings that looked like fire.

From what she could tell it looked like a male. “What is your name?” Alfie asked. The creature just stared at her with no response; it then blinked quickly a few times and then flew up closer to my eyes with a puzzled look. “My name is Amzi, and since you’re wondering, yes, I am a he.” He replied. 

     “S-so what are you, exactly? I-I’ve never seen anything exactly like you.” Alfie said. “I’m an elemental sprite. A fire one. I helped with nature and such and have certain abilities to benefit all of life.” Amzi replied. “W-What’s a little sprite like you doing in a f-f-frosty snowy forest like this?” Alfie asked. “Well, I could feel that someone is in distress, or needed something. “Here, it looks like you need some warmth.” Amzi said. He then put his hands out and touched Alfie’s cheeks. She was starting to feel a rush of heat and color and warmth was coming back to her body. Amzi then flew back. “Thank you, I feel much warmer now.” Alfie said. 

      “Yeah, It’s kind of my job.” Amzi said. “So what do you do? Just warm up people and leave?” Alfie asked jokingly. “Uh, yeah it’s kind of my job~ Just kidding- it’s only half of it.” Amzi replied. “You know it’s not simple tending to many creatures, people, lifeforms because they all need some of the main essentials to survive. It’s not an easy job having the circle of life depending on you, but then again I don’t think a young elf would really understand.” Amzi said. “How do you even know I’m an elf?” Alfie asked him. “Well, you got the bone structure and the pointy ears of one, and I have different types of abilities then just fire and warmth, I’m also pretty hyper sensitive and can get the jist of what people are feeling and thinking.” Amzi replied. 

        But what is a little elf like you doing in the wintery woods all alone?” Amzi asked. “I just wanted to go through the woods, tired of seeing the same stuff and being in the same place my whole life.” Alfie replied. “Is it okay if I can get inside your lantern till daylight?” Amzi asked. “Sure.” Alfie replied. She opened the lantern door and Amzi got inside and sat down, she then fell asleep. Once it became morning she woke up as her eyes adjusted to the morning light. Once her vision was clear she could see that Amzi was still in the lantern still. He then woke up not too long after her. “

“Do you want to come with me, little sprite?” Alfie asked. “Of course, just let me stay in the lantern.” He replied. He gave her a warm friendly smile. They both then started continuing to walk through the woods, not knowing where they were heading but there are definitely many possibilities. Many that will definitely occur on this wintertime day…  

Lilliana Treanor

Hello, I'm Lilliana (you can call me Lilly), I'm a 12th grader @ AHS who just likes to write and come up with yummy stories. I hope you like my work.

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