As the title says, I will be doing a 2021-2022 School Year Recap. Rereading all of my posts, checking out the books I’ve read this school year. Woo, fun.


Missed V-Ball tryouts, even though someone knew they were that day, and said NOTHING about it. . .and found out an hour after tryouts that they were that day. . . Never forgiving that person, never. I’m sorry but, She knew, She knew that I wanted to do V-Ball, She knew that I was getting ready all summer for it. She knew, and I think that is what hurts the most. The Seahawk Startup happened, and had a pretty good idea on what would’ve happened this year. (I’m cackling at how wrong I was right now.)


School started, got lost only twice. Disappointed that we didn’t have lockers like a normal high school. (Then again, this High School looks like an airport sooo. . .)


Joined Seahawk Journal. That was the best choice I have ever made, hands down. I met so many new people, discovered so many things about myself that I didn’t even know, and it honestly helped when things got tough. . .which was many, many, many times. Went to HOCO with my date, and I swear, she was the prettiest girl there. (Erm, no offense ladies.)


Posted Power Outage ( and What Does Being Thankful Mean To You? (, missed out on High School Musical tryouts. . .and I gotta thank COVID for that, because I think it saved me from humiliation. . .sooo yeah.


Posted Amy & The Beast ( and Renae ( MarBroke up with the girl I went with to HOCO. Came out of the closet to my parents.


Reread the series, Percy Jackson & The Olympians by Rick Riordan. Started reading as much as I could again.


Nothing really happened, just read lots of books.


March was full of stories and articles. I posted Ghost King (, and lets get one thing clear, ladies and gentleman: I was never gonna post this, as it was to be forgotten forever, and the only reason it was posted was because of my table mates. (You know exactly who you are, I know you are smiling. Stop it. Stop smiling.) I also posted The Crashing ( I also helped my friend Lilly out with the Spirit Week of 3/14-18/22 article (, and the Twin Tolo of 2022 article (


Celebrated my 15th birthday, and I read so much over Spring Break that I just had to create another article called Escaping Reality (, and then Spirit Week of 4/18-22/22 (


The Organizing Junior and Senior Prom of 2022 with Reese Illston and Kayla Strandberg ( finally got posted.


Helped out another friend of mine with the article The Graduating Seniors of 2022 Read more books. Wrote The Man In The Shadows, and now I’m just waiting for that story to get posted. In the meantime, I’m writing this one, 2021-2022 School Year Recap.

So yeah, a lot has happened this year. I probably missed like 5 big events or something, but like wow. I’m ashamed to say that I have read over 43 books (and currently reading 3) since 2022 started, because the amount of books that I should have read since 2022 started should have been like 300. But yeah. Well, that’s all I have. So. Yeah.


-Kaylin R. Frost

Kaylin Frost

--She/Her-- --Junior--

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