A dull buzz rings in my mind; the meeting of EVOS educators is generally pretty boring. I stare out the window, ignoring my fellow college professors as the purple ocean tide slams against the shore of the island. 

“EKS! Care to give us a presentation of the view outside?” I roll my eyes and stare at Rhugos in his piercing, green eyes.

“Actually yes! I’ve been trying to do that FOR FIVE $%#&*@ HOURS!”  I slam the table with both hands as I shoot up in rage. The other professors look at me confused; I compose myself and slick my hair back. “The issue is, something is draining the soulflow from the area. All that precious mana, disappearing without a trace.” I say promptly. Myland pipes up,

“Pshhh, it’s probably just some rogue grim reaper supplying the black market again…” I look at him with sorrow.

“Then how the hell is the main reservoir empty?” Surprised gasps echo around the room. Someone even spits out the coffee they were just drinking.

“Something’s not right, that reservoir is locked down tighter than Area 96.”

“NO CRAP SHERLOCK!” Lendir stamps. Chaos erupts around the room.

Llock down the city!”

“Alert the police force!”

“Is someone gonna eat the last donut?”

Rhugos yells with the most thunderous, most pseudo god-like voice I’ve ever heard,


Like a tablecloth on a picnic bench, silence falls. “YOU ALL SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES! Bickering like children, THIS IS NOT WHY WE RUN THE CITY,” he composed himself, barely. “We run this city because we have the know-how, not because we can agree on what to do.”

“Then what do you suppose we do?” He ponders this for a moment.

“Divide and conquer. Myland, alert the authorities of the situation, you and I will check all of the mana parasite enclosures. Eks, you take the rest and I want you to make an alternative mana source to hopefully offset at least some of the money this will cost us.” I nod as obscene language and slurs are thrown at me and Rhugos. 

Just because our Innate abilities and yonder types are prime grade, makes us less than them socially, even though we are vastly stronger than them. “Dismissed” Rhugos cracks.

I stay seated, back leaned against the cheap plastic chair, the body aches cutting into my muscles. I raise my finger like ET. A searing blue light burns my eyes as I shield my face. Reality cracking is simple once you understand our universe is like glass, but luckily I don’t need to. I will just make the jump using a previously made crack or rift scar if you will. My finger comes in contact with the invisible lightning bolt looking crack in the glass that makes up our universe and I am dragged away at lightspeed, leaving Rhugos in silence.

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