It is the dead of night. You are lost on a hiking trip and you have no idea where you are, but there’s a spark of hope when you spot a crackling campfire in the distance. You make your way through some brush to see a man in front of the fire, he wears a brown, patched, and ragged cloak with his hood up, and a long auburn beard sticks out from beneath the hood. He stares into the flames, as you approach.

“Hello traveler,” he says with a deep, old, wizened tone. “Have you lost your way? Why don’t you join me at the fire, we can share stories and some canned beans,” he says to you kindly. 

You take a seat across the glowing warmth of the fire from him; a moment of silence is shared as he looks up. His face is cleaner than you would expect, and he didn’t look a day over 45. “Not much of a talker eh? No matter, If you let me tell you a story I will give you some food. Does that sound fair?” You nod in agreement, as your stomach rumbles and a frigid wind whips through the camp site making the fire flicker. He blinks and glowing blue reptilian eyes stare back. “Wonderful, let me tell you of a place called the Evos Isles. 

The world collapses in on itself and you are thrown into an immense black void, walking toward a white light on a walkway made of unnatural stars. The hum of the door beckons you as you approach the door.

“Opening this door will forever change your life,” The man warns. Curiosity seizes your mind and confidence swells in your chest in an attempt to be brave, as you open the door and walk through the blinding light.

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