When a grown man cries

A single tear will fall

Men think when Displaying emotions

you are destined to fall

A tear in eye

A hand on face

A smile in a frown

The wrinkles out of place

He dislikes vulnerability

Never would he speak

Knowing he was in the proximity

Of the people who sought

To think of him with pity

The darkness and hurt

he deep down feels

He can’t express

They don’t think how he feels

When he sits alone in his quiet room

The air seems too dense

As the events came too soon

A man does not cry when he’s angry

A man does not cry when he’s sad

A grown man cries when he submits to the

Feelings he very clearly has

“I’m a grown man,” he says, I cannot cry

But he sits in the corner

Unseen by the eye

He waits for it to pass

The feelings he feels

He’s in denial that what’s real is real

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