Where the sun don’t shine

When the time is no longer mine

The frogs won’t croak

And the trees won’t sway

We take it day by day

Where I can not be certain

I just have concern

The children have seen it but do not yet

know it

Unlike them I can not relearn it

The whale swims alone

The whale is full grown

And it doesn’t know

Who it will meet

It forgets who it knows

I have an earthquake in my mind

Unsatisfying Like a rotten cherry pie

The dirt stays dry

My mind recites lies

How could I make it out alive

The grassy fields on an unpaved road

I keep on driving not knowing where to go

I shall not speak, no not one word

For love will die and I can’t be unheard

Uncertain is the only thing for certain

On a cloudy day

I have so much to tell you

and so much to say

The rain falls hard

Where the sun don’t shine

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